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Social Like Dear friends! It is sad but ANO “Perm-36” needs your help right now. Autonomous non-profit organization “Perm-36”, founder of the museum of political repressions history on the territory of the former GULAG camp, was excluded from managing the museum in 2013, despite its unique experience and background. All the funds and archives of the non-profit organization were left at the museum complex, now we have no access to them, and we try to gain them back. There is a great chance that funds and archives will be assigned Perm krai Ministry of Culture unless we pay off fines and penalties which is a total of 1 410 486 rubles. Unfortunately, we don’t have this money. And we ask for your help to collect it. With fines paid off, we will be able to keep the archives, keep fighting for the artifacts from the territory of museum complex, and continue working on our educational projects If you would like to make a bank transfer via your bankcard, please, use the form below. In case you feel more comfortable to do it via bank, there are bank account details of ANO “Perm-36” below the form. Later we will add to the list of payment options. Dear friends, we appreciate all forms of support. Please, find full story of the conflict attached under the bank account details. We added every public entry and court decision to that. If you have any further questions, please, feel free to send them to or, we will immediately get back to you. ANO’s Bank account details Full name — Autonomous nonprofit organization “Memorial Center of political repressions history “Perm-36”, short name — ANO “Perm-36”; USRLE 1025900529005. Bank account details for foreign currency transfers Our Bank: SBERBANK (ZAPADNO-URALSKY HEAD OFFICE), PERM, RUSSIA Swift code: SABRRUMMPC1 Beneficiary: Non-governmental organization Perm-36 Beneficiary account: 40703840849090220506 or 40703840749090220648 Please, write that it is voluntary donation, it is important to our reports and accounting. Museum History Since 1992, ANO “Perm-36” has been keeping and restoring unique historical monument, which is the former political camp “Perm-36” with its Stalin GULAG typical camp buildings. Such a complex is the only one existing in the world. In 1992, this complex was in emergency state, almost ruined. Camp at 1992 In 2012, we’ve almost completed restoration and renovation program, so the greater part of camp buildings were restored. Camp at 2012 International independent expert organization “World Monuments Watch” enrolled former camp “Perm-36” to list of the most valuable world’s historical monuments. On recommendation of ICOMOS experts, ANO “Perm-36» workers have prepared monument to be included in UNESCO World Heritage list. All the work on restoration, renovation, and maintenance of former camp “Perm-36” buildings was organized and done solely by ANO’s team, their partners and volunteers. ANO “Perm-36” founded Memorial museum of political repressions history “Perm-36” on the territory of the former camp. In order to do that the whole team has been researching and collecting materials and artifacts on the camp history, GULAG and political repressions history in different parts of Russia through all these years. “Perm-36” museum has become the only Memorial open-air museum of political repressions in the whole former USSR. Museum is a cofounder of the International coalition of museums of conscience. . It was included to the Project of political repressions victims’ commemoration federal program as one of three memorial museum complexes of national importance. In 2007, the two most important cultural and educational projects of ANO – International forum “Pilorama” and civil Astafiev’s readings – made it to the list of nine brand events of Perm krai. ANO’s Deprivation Since 1995 Perm krai government has been financially supporting preservation works in former camp “Perm-36”, foundation and development of Memorial museum of political repressions history on its basis. This collaboration between society and state worked the following way: krai administration was among founders of ANO “Perm-36, and its representatives were part of the managing bodies of the organization. ANO “Perm-36” budget consisted of: krai budget funds, which were mostly used for restoration and renovation (all the buildings of the former camp were state property at regional level), and museum functioning; extra budgetary funds, attracted by workers and partners of ANO and used solely for museum work: collecting artifacts and materials, creating exhibitions, project and educational work. Until 2012, budgetary and extra budgetary funds were equal. In 2011, ANO “Perm-36” supported by local government started developing a program, which was supposed to bring museum up-to-date with world modern standards. At the same time ANO started negotiations withRalph Appelbaum Associates Incorporated (RAAI) — one of the world leaders in creating museums. In Russia, they have developed Museum of Tolerance in Moscow, and Boris Yeltsin President centre, both opened in 2015. In August 2011, RAAI developed and presented its а project suggestion for Memorial museum “Perm-36”. However, year 2012 brought major changes to the local regional government. Work on the development program stopped, followed by negotiations with Ralph Appelbaum Associates Incorporated. In 2013 krai government created state institution instead of existing public museum, and passed on to it all the buildings of former camp, preserved and saved by ANO. In 2014, ANO “Perm-36” was completely deprived of managing the museum. Managing Board of ANO “Perm-36”, Human Rights Commissioner for the Russian Federation V.P.Lukin, Presidential Advisor for Civil Society Development and Human Rights M.A.Fedotov initiated negotiations to settle a conflict in the Administration of the President and Administration of the Perm krai Governor, 4 rounds of which took place between July 2013 and September 2015. None of them resulted in anything real. In the meantime, Perm krai Ministry of Culture and its substitutes initiated a number of arbitration proceedings to ANO “Perm-36”. ANO lost two cases and won the third, but there is still a chance of cassational reconsideration of the judicial decision. Foreign Agents In January 2015, Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation received "letter" from some private parties unknown to us, indicting ANO “Perm-36” for “treacherous”, “probandera” and “rusophobic” actions. Reacting to the letter Ministry of Justice organized unscheduled inspection of ANO “Perm-36” “in order to find features of non-profit organization acting as a foreign agent”. On April 29, 2015, ANO “Perm-36” was officially enlisted as non-profit organization acting as a foreign agent. As ANO “Perm-36” failed to put a voluntary entry to be added to the register of non-profit organizations acting as foreign agents before the inspection, afterwards it was defined as administrative violation. Judge, according to request of the Ministry of Justice Perm krai administration, fined ANO with 400 thousand rubles. Fines and Claims In total we have to pay 1 410 486 rubles. This total includes: 400 000 rubles — penalty of the Perm krai Ministry of Justice What for: for not putting a voluntary entry to Ministry of Justice to be listed as foreign agents. 534 716 rubles — penalty in favour of Perm Centre of Historical and Cultural Monuments Preservation. What for: in summer 2011 ANO obtained complex of psychoneurological care home “Kuchinskiy”, based on the territory of the former camp. However, Ministry of Culture made a mistake and didn’t add funds for its preservation to the budget that year, so Perm Centre of Historical and Cultural Monuments Preservation paid for the expenses of 2011, and ANO would have compensated it from 2012 budget. Since the situation changed dramatically in 2012, Ministry of Culture didn’t answer to its obligations willingly not adding these expenses to ANO “Perm-36” 2012 budget. 475 770 rubles — penalty in favour of Perm krai Ministry of Culture. What for: 1) museum complex is 120 km far from Perm, while the office and the research centre of the ANO were in the regional centre. Utility bills of the museum were always paid from the regional budget in strict accordance with rules of spending state subsidy. Until 2013 neither Ministry of Culture, nor regional Chamber of control and accounts had anything to say against that. However, in 2013, Chamber of control and accounts decided these were unrightful expenses, and Ministry of Culture obliged museum to pay them back. 2) for correction of one of the quarterly statements, agreed but not approved by the Ministry of Culture. 1 492 075 rubles — claim from state institution “Memorial complex of political repressions” for inappropriate timing of returning memorial complex buildings. (We won this one, but there is always a chance of cassation). What is it about: ANO “Perm-36” received headquarters building of the former camp for uncompensated use for 5 years in April 2009. In 2014 rent period was over, but exactly at this time it was decided that the whole property would be transferred under responsibility of state cultural institution only after signing Agreement between Managing Board of ANO “Perm-36” and Perm krai Government. These decisions were written through in в Protocol signed by vice-premier on February 11, 2014. This Agreement is still not signed. Moreover, since May 26, 2014 the whole memorial complex (including headquarters) was under the control of new state organization, so we had no access to it. With these claims and proceedings Ministry of Culture aims to destroy ANO “Perm-36” and legalize newly create state institution as state museum. According to law, only institution with its own museum funds can be a museum. GAUK (state cultural institution) “Memorial complex of political repressions" doesn’t have its own funds, so it tries to get them as a compensation after bankruptcy of ANO “Perm-36”. With these claims and proceedings Ministry of Culture aims to destroy ANO “Perm-36” and legalize newly create state institution as state museum. According to law, only institution with its own museum funds can be a museum. GAUK (state cultural institution) “Memorial complex of political repressions" doesn’t have its own funds, so it tries to get them as a compensation after bankruptcy of ANO “Perm-36”. We need those funds, collections and artifacts back to continue our educational and research projects. That is why we kindly ask you for your support, that is why we need all the help me can get and as many people aware of situation as possible. (function() { if (window.pluso)if (typeof window.pluso.start == "function") return; if (window.ifpluso==undefined) { window.ifpluso = 1; var d = document, s = d.createElement('script'), g = 'getElementsByTagName'; s.type = 'text/j-avascript'; s.charset='UTF-8'; s.async = true; s.src = ('https:' == window.location.protocol ? 'https' : 'http') + '://'; var h=d[g]('body')[0]; h.appendChild(s); }})(); Пермский "Мемориал" создал электронную карту ГУЛАГа в Прикамье Copyright© 2015 музей истории политических репрессий «Пермь-36» {source} Яндекс.Метрика

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