Museum “Perm-36” window.addEvent('load', function() { new JCaption('img.caption'); }); var jllickeproSettings = { url : "", typeGet : "0", disableMoreLikes : 0, isCategory : 0, buttonsContayner : "", parentContayner : "div.jllikeproSharesContayner", }; body { min-width: 1100px; } .wrapper { width: 1100px; } #sidebar-a { width: 300px; } #maininner { width: 800px; } #menu .dropdown { width: 250px; } #menu .columns2 { width: 500px; } #menu .columns3 { width: 750px; } #menu .columns4 { width: 1000px; } Пермь 36 Виртуальный музей истории политических репрессий Кампания по сбору средствMuseum “Perm-36”Crowdfunding campaignО насИсторияИстория лагеряИстория музеяСтатьи, очерки, воспоминанияПресс-службаСМИ о "Перми36"НовостиНовостиНовости проектовНовости партнеров/коллегПроектыВыставкиШкола музеологииШкола для преподавателейМеждународная творческая лабораторияДискуссииМГФ « Пилорама »О проектеРетроспектива: Форум 2005-2010Конкурсы «Пилорамы»Пилорама-2010Пилорама 2011ПИЛОРАМА.ПродолжениеПилорама 2012"Пилорама-2012": ПанорамаАстафьевские чтенияАстафьевские чтения 2013Астафьевские чтения 2012Астафьевские чтения 2011О проектеАрхив проекта Museum “Perm-36” Social Like For last 20 years autonomous nonprofit organization “Memorial Center of political repressions history “Perm-36” (ANO “Perm-36”) has been keeping and restoring unique buildings of the former GULAG camp, as well as developing the museum of Soviet political repressions on its territory. SINCE MAY 2014, ANO “PERM-36” HAS BEEN FULLY EXCLUDED FROM MANAGING THE MONUMENT AND THE MUSEUM. In 2014, Perm regional government created state autonomous cultural institution (SACI) “Memorial complex of political repressions” and passed all the buildings of former camp, kept by ANO “Perm-36”, on to it. ГSACI “Memorial complex of political repressions” seized all belongings of ANO “Perm-36” on the territory of the museum: artifacts and collections, archive and scientific library, displays and exhibitions. We are no more responsible for what and how is being exhibited in the museum complex. April 29, 2015 was the day when the RF Ministry of justice enrolled “Perm-36” as a non-profit organization functioning as foreign agent. At the same time regional department of the ministry of justice fined organization for refusing to register as foreign agent voluntarily. Moreover, regional ministry of culture came out with a number of arbitration proceedings to ANO “Perm-36”. If we fail to pay them out, we will never be able to get back our archives, library and collections, needed for our further work, as they would stay at state institution as debt payment. We are now looking for funds to pay fines, first, and we would really appreciate your support. Unfortunately, we can’t make it alone. The whole story of the conflict, as well as documents and bank account details, you may find at We are grateful for any support at such dark times. Victor Shmyrov and Tatiana Kursina, founders of Perm-36 Memorial museum. For any further questions, please, contact,, we will provide any documents or information upon your request. // You can place JavaScript like this Пермский "Мемориал" создал электронную карту ГУЛАГа в Прикамье Copyright© 2015 музей истории политических репрессий «Пермь-36» {source} Яндекс.Метрика

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